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The advent of information technology has significantly altered the traditional approach of conducting business and has also changed the pattern of business organizations.

 In this new environment, one aspect contributing to the success of a business significantly rests on the provision of timely and reliable financial information to promote confidence amongst its stakeholders and other users of such information.

Our firm’s approach in this practice segment is risk-based, in that it considers the organization as whole, while considering the overall industry and the economic environment in which it operates. Careful evaluation of factors materially affecting the entity’s business and the type and extent of EDP environment is also undertaken. Such an approach primarily focuses on the reliability and relevance of financial information while simultaneously seeking to achieve compliance with local regulations and any other formalities required in the reporting process. Such a “top down” approach also enables value addition through the provision of valuable and independent insights on actions required to achieve future objectives.

Our firm’s methodology provides a continuous accountancy process by staying in touch with clients round the year, keeping them updated with changing conditions and providing ongoing feedback on business decisions that could affect financial statements.