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Innovation in cost-effective business growth has given birth to a new form of consulting commonly termed as outsourcing. As the name suggests, outsourcing enables management of enterprises, irrespective of their sizes, to concentrate and apply their energies on the areas of activities considered as their core activities while entrusting non-core functions to an external service provider.

This modern management technique, by utilizing the concept of cost and benefit analysis, has successfully drawn a line distinguishing overall business activities into two segments on the basis of significance and sensitivity. Excellence in execution and speed is the life of the modern business prompting outsource of non-core activities in order to allow management to focus on planning, effective operation and ultimately achieving targets of success and profitability.

The firm is well equipped to handle outsourced services ranging from handling and managing accounting and finance functions, book keeping, managing payment functions, internal audit, processing of voluminous transactions, allocation of trained and qualified staff for carrying on specific assignments under the control and supervision of management, handling corporate and tax law compliance with respect to periodical submissions of various statements prescribed therein.